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The Colonial Pipeline Attack Reveals Critical Infrastructure has a Password Problem.

Posted by Pan Kamal on May 20 2021
It is hard to imagine all this started with an inconspicuous password breach.

Over the last couple of weeks, the Colonial Pipeline attack suddenly became a household event. Mainly because it started to impact the daily lives of everyday citizens. Gas, gasoline, and home heating oil deliveries were disrupted. People were driving to multiple gas stations just to find available gasoline. Yet behind the scenes there were larger and more critical consequences that were starting to play out. on May 12th, President Biden issued an executive order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity ; last week five million dollars in ransomware got paid out; one of the most notorious ransomware organizations suddenly announced they were going into a cooling off period. (More like waiting for things to cool down). 

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Going Passwordless: Microsoft Windows Hello for Business or Not?

Posted by Pan Kamal on March 2 2021
Is Windows Hello Enough for Enterprise Passwordless Access?

Organizations are rethinking their workplaces and options for their workforces. Companies in regulated industries and those with higher security needs where work once occurred only in fully-trusted facilities now need to support work anywhere in the world, on any type of device securely. The disintegration of the enterprise perimeter suddenly got more pronounced and very apparent as organizations scrambled to support a geographically dispersed workforce with the need to support the most varied locations.

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