White House Warns Private Critical Infrastructure to Beef Up Cybersecurity as Russia Preps Attacks

Posted by The TruU Team on March 22, 2022
The TruU Team

Lucas Budman is CEO of TruU.

“Enterprises need to act and ensure all attack surfaces are covered,” he said. “While network and endpoint protection are important, identity is the biggest laggard and the ripest for attack with approximately 80% of breaches linking back to it.”

Most business still use passwords, Budman said. Hackers can compromise credentials with brute force, credential stuffing or buying lists of already compromised accounts.

“After all, people tend to reuse passwords, which results in two-factor authentication (2FA) effectively being secured by just the second factor alone,” he said.

Passwordless MFA us one of the few modern options to dramatically limit the identity attack surface, Budman said.

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